The Town Cryer

John Boehner tearfully offered his resignation as Speaker of the House of Representatives, effective at the end of October, and most observers believe, that despite vigorous attempts by the Tea Party members to elect a true conservative who will fight Obama, the successor to Boehner will be a Boehner guy, an institutional Republican, who will cheerfully work with Obama in the interests of maintaining civility and decorum. The institutional Congressional Republicans are not the loyal op-position, they are the loyal assume the position.

I hate to sound like one of those complainers
But why do we elect all those John Boehners
Who promise to defund the Left agenda
And then turn red red rage to pale magenta
The Senate leader has as his own credo
A horror of a presidential veto
I have no problem with a man who’s crying
Except that when he cries you know he’s lying
He should be whipping guys and get to bossing
But every time the center aisle he’s crossing
The GOP has leadership pretending
To fight and to oppose with no knee bending
But every time Obama’s frosty staring
Sends shivers down their spines he is so scaring
John Boehner acted just before his firing
But then so what the caucus will be hiring
Another Lefty leaning House floor leader
And cleaning up the House leaves it no neater

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