The Night The Wolves Came

Should the United States now withdraw from Nato? Has not Nato served its purpose? Has not the Red Army been disbanded? Are Red Army divisions still poised to strike west through the Fulda Gap? Why should the United States continue to supply the money, men and equipment to defend Europeans who do not have the will to defend themselves? They have relied on the United States to defend them for so long they now believe it is their right to be defended by us, and they have let their defense establishments go to the point of invisibility. Without us they are defenseless against the wolves of the world. And one night the wolves will come. They always do.



Uneasily the sled dogs slept

How quiet was the night

As red eyed wolves in silence crept

The collared dogs in sight

The sled dogs whimpered in the snow

Awake, they waited fate

They knew that one of them would go

But which? They could but wait

The red eyes ran with frosty breath

How silently they came

The lead dog closed her eyes in death

In moments just her name

On empty collar told the tale

As dawn erased the night

And only now a quiet wail

From those who could not fight

They knew the wolves would soon be back

For NATO is a lie

And weakness just invites attack

And one by one they’d die



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