The Nile

Thanks to Barack Obama and the hags Hillary, Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice, Egypt is now in chaotic civil war. Obama ousted an authoritarian dictator, Mubarak, who was on our side and wanted and kept the peace with Israel, and put in place a violent America and Israel hating Muslim Brotherhood that wanted only war and the destruction of both the United States and Israel. Thankfully, the Egyptian army has ousted the Muslim Brotherhood from power, much to the dismay of Obama and his hags, who were quite comfortable with the Muslim Brotherhood and their agenda of war and destruction of Israel and the West. The River Nile, however, seems quite unperturbed by events, having seen more than enough violence and chaos in its timeless eternity.

The Nile existed before time
And flowed unvexed to inland sea
Through empty lands at once sublime
But knowing what would one day be
The flowing waters saw the rise
Of temple builders on its shores
Of Pharaoh kings who ruled the skies
And Caesars settling old scores
Napoleon would come to grief
From Nelson’s guns at Aboukir
She’s seen it all without relief
Elation, joy and troubled fear
The flow of time she understood
A thousand years is but a day
She cares not all for Brotherhood
Or what Obama has to say
They’ll all be gone in blink of eye
Forever though the waters flow
And what it sees none can descry
Nor man discern what waters know

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