Truth Or Consequences

There are dark signs that the Middle East is about to implode, with al Qaeda the victor, with triumphant Muslim terrorists ready to strike the United States abroad and here at home. I spoke to a progressive liberal the other day, and she said she saw no sign of any Middle East implosion, and insisted that as long as Jay Carney says all is well she will sleep well at night, knowing that President Obama is on the job, and keeping us safe.

“The country’s in the best of hands,”
She said with much emotion
“We do what president demands
We’re safe behind our ocean
These places are a long way off
Their actions have no meaning
And yes I know that some will scoff
And be some wails and keening
But all is well, we have the best
And brightest we can trust and
As far as up to any test
The president is just grand”
I said the US was at war
With people who will kill us
Perhaps tonight if not before
And you people just fill us
With lies and pap and narratives
That only tend to leave us
With devious comparatives
Intended to deceive us.
“Ah no,” she smiled and walked away
“Obama speaks no blarney
He tells the truth most every day
Just go and ask Jay Carney

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