The Old Lamplighter

The world is in crisis, and we have an administration that has no clue as to what to do beyond kicking the can down the road in hopes something will turn up. The Middle East is about to blow itself up in a nuclear Armageddon, and we do nothing to prevent it. It was said post Sarajevo that the lamps burned late in the Chancelleries of Europe.  They burned late and then they went out for four years, never to be relit.  Five Empires perished during those four years, the Turkish, the Russian, the Austro-Hungarian, the German and the British, though the British Empire hung on for another war.  Fortunately, the lamps at Foggy Bottom are not, in the present crisis, burning late. Hillary, our best Secretary of State EVAH, never turned them on.



Oh my, she cried, just look at this

It’s such a lovely light!

Just see how bright and cheerful things now are

With Barack as our president

All things will turn out right

We’re fortunate to have a shining star

Who knows apologies will calm

The fiercest Muslim heart

And food will make the North Koreans smile

He leads not from the front because

He loves to play the part

Of team guy which he does with wit and style

Iran will soon nuke up and then

The holocaust begins

But what’s another million Jews or so

Compared to what we’ve done to others

Counting all our sins

We can’t complain if others hoe that row

We here at Foggy Bottom have

It all under control

Our lamps are on and things are looking bright

We’ve signaled to just everyone

That peace will be our goal

I’ll turn the lamps off now and say goodnight



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