The Old Ones Are The Good Ones

President Obama delivered a “Jobs” speech to a joint session of Congress, pretending it was not just another campaign speech designed to save the only job he was interested in, his own. Joint session of Congress speeches used to be for something special, like declaring war or announcing we were going to the moon. But Obama has the special knack of turning even the most golden things he touches into a steaming, feculent pile.



“I know a girl in Maine.”


“No, I never touched her.”


Yes, the old ones are the good ones

FDR December 8

Kennedy telling Congress

To the moon, and here’s the date

There were giants in the hall then

Reagan, Truman name but two

What we have now with Obama

Can be summed up with pee-yew

Oh he still has his adherents

Union thugs and CBC

Who still think he is the bees knees

And forever thus will be

But the rest of us know better

He’s a joke now on himself

From stage right the hook is coming

And he’ll soon be on the shelf

He can dance all that he wants to

He can smile and tell some jokes

But his time on stage is over

From now on he’s just Joe Doaks


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