Time To Say Goodbye

It is time to say goodbye to the 70 year experiment in socialism in the United States. The public, thanks to Obama overreach, have at last wakened to the fact that socialism leads only to the grave. Time to say goodbye to the people who know they are better than we, know they are destined by God or Gaia or by their own blessed superior intellect and morality to rule the rest of us knuckle draggers. I spoke recently to a long time member of the ruling socialist elite and he complained about the unfairness of a God who he does not believe exists.



The end, when it comes, comes so quickly

That nothing can stop the free fall

A rivulet turns to a torrent

That sweeps away every last wall

That stood between comfort and misery

And laid mighty nations to rest

While liberal minds cry to heaven

You told us that we were the best

The best and the brightest you told us

To rule was how we were ordained

And now it is over and done with

And we, who have never complained

‘Bout the burden that fate placed upon us

To rule the Earth, sitting on high

In government big table councils

And now you say time to say “bye”.


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