The Politics Of Faith

Within the past few days several striking events have taken place with regard to religion in America. The Obama administration cancelled an Air Force flyover at an event in Idaho called the God And Country Rally, because the name of the event had the word God in it. This despite the fact that the flyover had been performed for the past 42 consecutive years, regardless of political party in power. President Obama then held a televised address to extend best wishes to all Muslims in America on the occasion of Ramadan, an address in which he praised the Muslim religion of peace, describing how he himself participated in the Muslim rituals. And in a conference call to an assembly of religious leaders of all faiths, Obama exhorted them to support his health care plans as a moral obligation. It would seem the Obama administration is willing to play along with religion if it looks like there’s a political advantage in doing so. It would also seem the Obama administration is very friendly to Muslims while taking a dim view of God and Country.   



Obama’s faith is on display

He shows it in the manner

In which he says that we all may

Display the Muslim banner

But God forbid that Air Force jets

Show honor by our flyers

Reminding those who have regrets

For voting for these liars

That in November 2010

You’ll get another chance, sir

To run them out of town and then

That horrid boil we’ll lance, sir

The finish of Obama’s term

Will see him isolated

With impotence he’ll surely squirm

As his lame duck is plated

Then we’ll regain our country, pal

And we can stop our wailin’

As we vote in that strong, tough gal

The beauteous Sarah Palin