Rahm And Zeke, Zeke And Rahm

John Batchelor at The Daily Beast tells how Obama’s bullying Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel is single-handedly reviving the fumbling, bumbling near moribund GOP. And so, thanks to Rahm Emmanuel, the Obama hope and change socialist revolution has come to a grinding, pitiful halt. For which we can only exclaim, Thank You Rahm Emmanuel! On the other hand, Rahm is not as cold as his brother Ezekiel, whose plans for Obamacare call for rationed health care to be allotted to the young, while allowing the elderly to die, on the grounds that scarce health care should not be wasted on those who will die in a few years anyway. Makes sense in a cold, Marxist sort of way, but thanks to brother Rahm, brother Zeke’s and President Obama’s dream of scarce, rationed, government run socialized medicine will never come to pass.



Rahm started young, as with most guys

By pulling wings off little flies

It made him feel real good and strong and tough

He graduated then to girls

By pulling on their shiny curls

Until they screamed and cried out loud Enough!

In college he was quite the scream

The evil presence in the dream

Of everyone who came into his view

He organized a lefty crowd

And dared the rest to say out loud

That he and his were both a scurvy crew

He says that’s just Chicago’s way

And everyone just has to play

The game that is the only game in town

He plays it tough, he plays it cool

He knows the game’s a deadly duel

And winner gets acclaimed to great renown

In politics, the Rahm would smile

The gap is but a quarter mile

Between the guys like him and guys like us

And when he does his dirty stuff

But finds that someone’s called his bluff

He smiles and says it’s okay what’s the fuss

He has a brother name of Zeke

Who’s plans for us we’ve had a peek

Bro Zeke thinks healthcare’s for the young and strong

And if you’re getting up in years

And sickness brings its doleful tears

Zeke’s death panels will move you right along

So if it’s difference that you seek

Between the Rahm and brother Zeke

You only need to see what they propose

Rahm is looking after Rahm

While Zeke is looking for the calm

He gets by picking old folks to dispose

I say that Rahm is looking after Rahm

While Zeke is looking for the balm

That comes from putting old folks in repose