The President’s Advisors

The president has three advisors. No, not Wynken, Blynken and Nod, as policy might suggest, but Samantha, Valerie and Susan, who, contrary to rumor, sit around a conference table and not a bubbling cauldron. The principal item on the agenda is how to resolve the Middle East conflagration that Obama has gotten the world into. He has installed our enemies in power in Libya and Iraq, sent arms and equipment to our enemies in Syria, and now wonders who he can attack in an attempt to restore the status quo ante.

The president’s advisors
All so cuddly and warm
Insist that black is white and white is black
Samantha Power, true to O
And also true to form
Suggests there’s simply no one to attack
Except those damn Israelis who
Will not accede to her
Suggestion that they love their neighbors well
Despite the fact that missiles landing
In their midst occur
With frequency and make their life a hell
Then Valerie, with narrowed eyes
Says Iran is the key
The Mullahs know there is no sense in war
I swear Iran wants peace by all
The Persian blood in me
My country is pacific to the core
Then O smiled broadly at his favorite
Commie, Susan Rice
Who smiled and said whoever one anoints
To be our friend and ally is
Just rolling of the dice
You don’t know if they’ll use the talking points
The president said thank you all
And left to play a round
Entrusting the Free World to witches three
His conscience clear he grabs his clubs
His policy is sound
It’s burning Middle East or Burning Tree

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