The Nuanced Man

The foreign policy of the Obama administration has been described by his lapdog press admirers as ‘nuanced’, somehow missing the obvious, that it is not so much nuanced as it is an utter and complete catastrophe. It isn’t his policy that’s nuanced, it is Barack Obama who is nuanced, so nuanced it is difficult to see where the nuance ends and the man begins. Like Horus the falcon god of the Pharaohs, he soars over the mountains, his intellect flaring in brilliant orgasmic colors, enveloping the breathless stars.  

He sees with focused blinkers
He dines with his own kind
The artists and the thinkers
To sharpen up his mind
His intellect is fright’ning
He’s smartest in the room
So quick his mind, like lightning
Whose flashes light the gloom
The man’s a ceaseless wonder
A man to give us joy
With ringing words like thunder
Our own nuancey boy

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