The Providers

The Liberal/Progressives who now run the country and the culture charge that police are murderers and that the military are baby killers. They believe the fewer police and military the safer everyone is, not understanding that their safety is provided by the Provider culture, the police and firemen and military, whom they detest and despise. The wonder is that despite being detested and despised the police and the military nonetheless do their jobs, which is keeping everyone safe. But what happens if the providers of safety decide they will no longer risk their lives to keep safe those who detest and despise them? I well remember an incident in Philadelphia some years ago when an explosion and fire at a refinery killed eleven firemen, resulting in eleven Masses of Christian burial. The Provider class lives in the midst of the Liberal class, and protects them even though the Liberal class looks down on their protectors and are determined to create animosity and division between the Providers and the rest of the Liberal/Blue State/Blue City populations. What will happen when the divide is finally complete, and the Providers all live in Red States or in Conservative pockets of Blue States, and cities like New York and Detroit are left in the hands of its feral inhabitants with no one to protect them? Will the Liberals beg the Providers to come back? Not bloody likely. And I do mean bloody.

Blue cities wracked by tooth and claw
Beset by killers rage red raw
Denying need for force and law
With all Providers gone
Left to their fate the people quake
Behind locked doors with lives at stake
And begging God to let them make
It safely to the dawn

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