Muslim killers attacked a soft target in San Bernadino, California, yesterday, leaving fourteen dead and seventeen wounded. This will not be the last. We have a president who will not call them by name, will no doubt call yesterday’s massacre workplace violence, even though the killers were Muslim, and one of the killers, a woman now happily dead from police bullets, was a citizen of Qatar. The Leftist leaders of the Western world pretend to be on our side, but it’s all a mosquerade. Not content with ruling a dwindling European white population, they are intent on replacing it with third world immigrants, whether Arab or Mexican, After decades of killings and car burnings and violence in the Muslim immigrant banlieues, and within hours of the mass murder of 130 innocent civilians by home grown Muslim terrorists, French president Hollande announced that France would take in an additional 30,000 Muslim terrorists. Not to be outdone, President Obama followed suit by demanding the entry of an immediate 10,000 Muslim terrorists and the entry of another 200,000 before he leaves office, all while encouraging the tidal influx of illegal Mexicans into the country. Demographics tell the story. White women have renounced having babies, and within measurable time the United States and Western Europe will be majority non-white, the Western culture and civilization will be overturned, and the nanny state will be no more, along with democracy and everything else. And there does not appear to be a damn thing we can do about it, though there may be much blood shed in the short run.

After a time that quickly flies
After a major city dies
After the muzzein’s call to prayer
After the smiling folks from CAIR
Tell us that they are just plain folks
But warn of quick death for Allah jokes
And after the Mexicans take hold
Of all the Southwest they owned of old
And after they take all of the jobs
Reducing us to a life of Hobbes
And telling the Blacks they’re just like Whites
And henceforth will neither have the rights
They thought they would have forever more
The rights that their fathers fought wars for
Thus gaineth the Mosque, the Koran text
The Muslims all smile the wetbacks next
Byzantium West will slowly fade
And all because of the Mosquerade

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