The Rhineland And The Crimea

What is the difference between an infantry column marching across a bridge into the Rhineland in 1936 and attack helicopters flying Spetsnaz troops into the Crimea in 2014? Answer, 78 years. The West did nothing then and the West will do nothing now. History shows the West should have done something about Hitler, but history is unclear about doing something about Putin. Did not Hitler say he invaded Czechoslovakia to protect ethnic Germans? Does not Putin say he is invading the Crimea to protect ethnic Russians? Never mind that the ethnic Russians are in Ukraine because Stalin first killed the ethnic Tatars living there and settled Russians in their place. But the principal difference between the Rhineland and the Crimea is that the West was stronger militarily than Hitler in 1936 and Putin’s Soviet Russia is stronger than the West militarily in 2014, where the only response from the West is thermonuclear war, thanks to the complete demilitarization of conventional forces by the European Left and the degradation of American conventional forces by Obama. Kiev was once a Viking city. We will see Soviet tanks in Kiev before long, and unfortunately Sigurd Magnussen, Rex Norvegiae atque Sveciae, has been dead a very long time.

They crossed the bridge all singing as the band played Deutschland Hoch
Ein Reich, Ein Volk, ein Fuhrer, and the West laughed at the joke

But Putin is much wiser, holds his cards close to his chest
He knows Obama’s bluffing, and fears nothing from the West

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