President Obama has deliberately or by sheer incompetence placed the American army in a trap, sending them to a landlocked country from which they may well have to fight their way out. In December 2009 President Obama surged the US forces in Afghanistan to 100,000 men, effectively depending on Pakistan to allow supplies to travel overland through Pakistan to Afghanistan. That route was closed by the Taliban and an enemy Pakistani government, and Obama made a deal with Putin to supply our forces by a northern route through Russia, all part of the Reset policy Obama initiated to make a friend of Russia. Does anyone think Putin doesn’t remember the US supplying Stinger missiles to the Taliban to shoot down Russian helicopters and troop transports? He remembers, and he will act accordingly. Putin has the fate of every American and Nato soldier in Afghanistan in his grubby little hands, and he will extract a price.

The Northern Route is closed, he said, as Putin broadly smiles
We’re sorry now that you must make your push
Through Pakistan with all your men, a march of many miles
Through mountains and a Taliban ambush
Oh yes we’ve sold them weapons too, not Stingers but you know
What goes around must come around one day
Just little stuff to blow your trucks and armor up in smoke
Consider this a reset by the way

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