The Road To Serfdom

Back when LBJ began his war on poverty, critics complained, correctly, that it would be cheaper to give everybody $10,000 every year than to build a giant bureaucracy. Of course, thanks to the inevitable inflation that always comes with fiat money, that $10,000 would now be 100,000 easily printed and increasingly worthless dollars. And still it would not be enough for those dependent on the government for their very existence, for they see only those with more than they, and in their envy decry as profiteers those whose labor sustains the entire shaky edifice. The shining city on the hill is being undermined, and the whole thing will one day come tumbling down on serf and entrepreneur alike.

The shining city on the hill
No longer shines at all
The government in DC will
Tax Pete to give to Paul
And Paul becomes a tenant serf
Though serfs with mighty votes
Who vote to keep their unearned turf
Despite the leaking boats
They understand as serfcom’s lot
They watch the shore recede
And blame their plight on them’s what got
With profiteering greed

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