There are some who claim that in the past 60 years Americans have become steadily less mobile. Good times and steady paychecks have a way of keeping people at home, as opposed to the enforced mobility of the Depression Thirties where people were on the move trying to find work. This of course was before the unemployment check for the rest of your life entitlement of the nanny state. In my view the young and the mobile will head for the Red States as jobs and freedom vanish in the Blue States. It is happening now, and as it increases in volume the United States will be transformed into a two tiered society, one prosperous, one Greece. And when the workers in the free and prosperous Red States tire of supporting the free loaders in the Blue States, a choice will be made. I don’t know what that choice will be, and most of us will not be around to see it, but our children and grandchildren will. The question of Union will rise again, and this time the secessionists may well decide to cast the failed socialist Blue States adrift to shift for themselves.

We don’t need no mobility
Cry the fey Blue State nobility
We’ve got the answer and we’ve got the votes
We sing this song together
Come sun or stormy weather
We write the words and also write the notes
Don’t send the Times no letters
Don’t question us your betters
We’ve put us on a path that can’t be turned
Look back with tears of sorrow
For there is no tomorrow
Wish now in vain for that which you have spurned

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