The Road To Single Payer

I’m usually a pretty optimistic guy, and I’ve cheered at the apparent imminent collapse of Obamacare . But the revelation that risk corridors have been written into the Affordable Care Act changes the picture. Obama is at this very moment talking to the insurance companies in the oval office, and there can be only one ending. The insurance companies will have their profits guaranteed by the taxpayers, with the result that the federal government will de facto own the insurance companies. Obamacare is not dead, and when the insurance companies come on board Obama will have what he has always wanted – a single payer system, and the federal government in complete control of the health care system and complete control of the health care of every citizen. My optimism extends only to 2014. If the GOP wins control of the Senate, then there is still a chance. If not, then it doesn’t matter what happens in 2016, it’s a done deal the goose is cooked, and socialized medicine is with us for generations, if not forever.

Oh yes he said that you could keep
Your doctor and your plan
He needed you to stay asleep
Till he could kick the can
Just far enough down that slick road
Where there’s no turning back
And everyone’s computer code
Is just a simple hack
The single payer plan is here
We just don’t know it yet
Obama smiles, says have no fear
This is the best you’ll get
You’ll get the plan that we decide
Is best for you and yours
You’ll pay for those with the free ride
To settle some old scores

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