Silent Night

Governments never see the end, no matter how obvious. Especially the Obama administration. Obama has spent the last five years demolishing the US military, something the Dems always do when in power. The Middle East is in turmoil and about to go nuclear, China is rattling sabers and nukes in the Pacific, and Obama’s navy is now down to two aircraft carriers on duty at any one time, instead of the four that are needed. The Air Force is losing squadrons and the Army is at its lowest level since the days of Jimmy Carter. And yet Obama and his mindless acolytes see no danger. They never do, until it’s too late. It is something that ultimately happens to everyone, every country, every state. I just didn’t think it would happen to us so soon.

The night so silently descends
Ignored until too late
The Bishop smiles as he pretends
That all is going great
The King sits idly on his throne
The unwashed sit and wait
And listen to the cold wind moan
Announcing that the date
Is fast approaching as the night
Envelopes man and State
And still as yet there is no fright
There’s nothing at the gate
They will not see the night so near
The night they did create
Too late they see with sudden fear
That Rome will be their fate

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