The Russian Winner

The world looks pretty good right about now to the president. All is working according to plan. And so it goes in the best damn administration and the smartest damn president the country has ever seen. Of course, I speak of President Putin of the Soviet Union, er – Russia. Can we protect the Baltic States? The Kaiser was once asked by a British diplomat what he would do if Britain landed two infantry divisions on the Baltic coast, and the Kaiser said he would arrest them. Does the United States still have two full strength divisions to send to Latvia or Estonia? We do not. Obama has reduced the combat readiness of the Army to two brigades, or less than one division, and he has enough time to fill those two brigades with lesbians and transgendered women. Just as well that we don’t get involved. I don’t want them arrested.

A Hyper-power, hyper-nation
Entered a deep hibernation
Until Putin dragged them out
Blinking in the snow
Down went Near Abroad and Georgia
Putin crafty as a Borgia
Then to West, a turnabout
Crimea with one blow
Ukraine now with fighter bases
Syria, he’s going places
What he does there is no doubt
The man does surely know
Obama is a weakling she-man
Putin knows when scowled at he ran
Circles with a scream and shout
His fierce face all for show
His army now LGBTs
With which he’s fine, and much at ease
Obama claims he still has clout
Because he’s Putin’s ho

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