The Muslim And The Culture

The longstanding risk that true democratization will lead to takeover by radical Islamists remains real; our ideals do not require us to commit suicide in this manner.-Francis Fukuyama. Well, at least Fukuyama got one thing right.

Democracy does not come from above, like manna, nor does it come from outside, either by persuasion or by guns. Democracy comes from inside, one man at a time, one tiny step at a time. Not even Pericles could turn Sparta into a democracy. Third World countries are Third World countries because the people are Third World people. Imposed democracy worked, at least so far, in post WW2 Germany and Japan because the people were First World people. It is not Sharia that keeps Muslim countries from becoming First World democracies, it is the Third World culture. Until that culture is changed there is no possibility of Muslim democracy.

The culture of the Muslim is derivative
The numbers we call Arabic they stole
From Hindoos at the height of Arab conquest
New slaves and gold and jewels their only goal
Recall for me the latest in inventions
That sprang from fertile, brilliant Arab minds
We cannot blame the people that they conquered
For living lives of Muslim melon rinds
To think that we could change them was so foolish
Our dead and wounded gave their all in vain
Just let them kill each other if they choose to
And if they cross the line inflict great pain

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