The Senate At The Mid-terms

What was that about reality supplanting the MSM news agenda? What were those Pew Research numbers? Fifteen percent following election news very closely? Twenty-five percent not paying any attention to the election at all? What are the other sixty percent doing? Have they already made up their minds, or do their minds enter into who they vote for at all? I suspect the latter. I believe we may have arrived at the tipping point where the unproductive outnumber the productive and will vote to keep the government checks coming. I asked Waltradamus for his prediction, and he was not quite as obscure as is his custom.

The Senate now is up for grabs
The planets now aligned
But pollsters are not keeping tabs
On those of little mind
The Power that disburses checks
To all and sundry folk
Has fastened collars round their necks
And all laugh at the joke
The rightmost team will taste defeat
The bitter taste runs deep
The planets lined will never meet
The left will power keep
The tipping point has now been reached
The moving throne nailed down
The liberty once former preached
Has given up his crown

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