The Simmer Of Our Discontent

The Arab/Muslim war against Israel simmers just beneath the surface of all out war. Rocket attacks on Israeli cities followed by ceasefires, followed by more rocket attacks. Israel responds but not with all out force. No, the pot is simmering at the moment, but when it comes to a boil, as it surely must when Iran nukes Tel Aviv, the Arabs and Iranians will be surprised, those who are still alive, that the Jews have responded so decisively.


Beneath the surface, ‘neath the sands

There simmers war that’s hidden

Engaging whole the Muslim lands

Determined that what’s bidden

By Allah in regard to Jews

Be followed to the letter

And so Israelis have to choose

To go them all one better

And strike them high and strike them low

From air and sea while staying

Their hand and walking soft and slow

While firmer plans they’re laying

For Israel the price is death

Should they become defenseless

And so their nukes with bated breath

Are ready and the senseless

Raged Muslim murder of the Jews

Moves on with senses deadened

To all the facts and all the clues

That they’ll be Armageddoned


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