Treachery, Perfidy and Ruse

Israel, for unknown reasons, concluded a cease fire with Hamas on condition that Hamas not obtain replacements for the rockets they used to kill Israeli children on school busses, a deal in which Egypt pledged to see that Hamas did not re-arm. Naturally Hamas is now busy replenishing its stock of Iranian rockets, while Egypt looks on impassively. I spoke to a Palestinian friend about this, and questioned him about the reluctance of his people to honor their word. He smiled and said every Arab knows from birth the difference between treachery, perfidy and a ruse. Not only that, but they memorize it in the following childhood rhyme.



Like lechery

Finds minds wherein it lurks

Any ruse

To kill the Jews

Ain’t wrong so long it works

A surfeity

Of perfidy

Will surely make you sick

So be aware

That some will care

Which of these three you pick


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