The Snowflake Underground

When we speak of the Underground, we think of the catacombs of ancient Rome and the Christian resistance, the World War 2 European resistance to the Nazi occupation, to the American Weather Underground of the 1970’s, all of them characterized by the desire to remain undetected. The Underground in the United States today is different; it is ostentatiously visible and flagrantly violent, vocal and hostile to our democratic form of government. The radical Progressive Left has captured all of academia, not just Yale, and turned the millennial students into Red Guard snowflakes who burn buildings, demand the end of supposed white privilege and shut down free speech, confident that they will bear no consequences for their actions. But the American Progressive Snowflake Underground has not learned the lesson that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, and when the reaction against the Progressive Underground comes it will not be pretty. The Progressive snowflakes will find that donning black masks to burn and harass and intimidate is not much fun when finally confronted by guys wielding chains and baseball bats.

No two snowflakes are alike
Bright crystals coldly sitting
Upon the flowing, gusty wind
While doing master’s bidding
It’s so much fun the snowflakes laugh
Because at first it’s nutty
But soon the Red Guard snowflakes find
The melting will be bloody

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