A Hard Day’s Work

Donald Trump has built hotels and casinos all over the world, but he has never had workmen like Republican congressmen. Especially when the Foreman, Paul Ryan, didn’t want him to be president in the first place. Trump has put the health-care debacle aside to concentrate on tax revision, and he will be working with the same bunch of guys, with the same Foreman, on an even stickier project. The problem is the Democrats will retain a united front of obstruction at every turn, forcing  the Republicans to design and build a high-rise knowing they have to follow a building code written by people who don’t want the high-rise built. The solution, of course, to all of it, healthcare, taxes, military, is to scrap the building code by eliminating the filibuster, and becoming a more parliamentary style legislative branch. Yes, you might not like what the Dems force down your throats when they have the majority, but as the man said, elections have consequences. I learned all about checks and balances in the fifth grade, and have never seen the wisdom of allowing the minority to dictate to the majority, which is what the Dems are determined to do, to the extent they can do so. The parties are not the same as when the Southern Democrat conservatives ran the Congress, and compromise was possible because there wasn’t, in the immortal words of George Wallace, in speaking of the national parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, that there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between them. And in 1968 there wasn’t. But not today. Radical leftists do not compromise, and they do not play by the same rules they make you play by.

If sixty votes you cannot muster
Eliminate the filibuster
If leftist workers can’t be fired
Make sure that they are never hired
If building big is what you’re tryin’

Don’t run it with a guy like Ryan
Get out the whip, get them in line
Pay no attention when they whine
Build it tall and build it straight
Don’t listen to the fourth estate
Full speed ahead, let’s get ‘er done
Remember Austerlitz, the sun
That shines upon the bold, the strong
And carries all the rest along

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