The SS Thor Liberty

A British registered but Danish owned ship named the SS Thor Liberty was detained in Finland after authorities there found 69 Patriot missiles in containers marked “Fireworks”. The ship was bound for China but the captain claimed the missiles were for South Korea, and a phone call to the German Defense Ministry confirmed the story. But is it true? Which is the cover story, missiles bound for China or bound for South Korea? Who knows. But the missiles were bound for somebody. Nonetheless it is good to see the old gods are not forgotten in these modern secular times. God knows we could use the old gods, the new ones having failed miserably.



It’s good to see that ships are still

Named after gods of old

For Thor is with us yet and will

Bestow upon us gold

But gold is found in many forms

In bullion and in cash

Or just perhaps in case of storms

A tidy missile stash


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