Kicking The Can

We should drill our own oil and get out of the Middle East and let them kill each other. In the meantime, though, Obama and the Dems and the lefty envirowhackos refuse to let us drill, so we are left with the worst of both worlds. In the meantime, the Washington Post urges President Obama to reconsider his policy of withdrawal and lean on Maliki in order to forestall a likely civil war in Iraq. Good luck. The Washington Post, of all people, should know by now that Obama has no intention of defending the interests of the United States.



Expecting Obieman to act

Is hoping for the dawn

To come before the setting sun

And darkest night is gone

The only work he’s ever known

Was organizing chumps

And making speeches for the Dems

While kissing left wing rumps

He got to be the president

By conning little girls

Into believing he would spend

Time kissing their soft curls

He doesn’t want to do a thing

But golf and be the man

And doing something means to him

Pick road and kick the can

So he will not do anything

To keep Iraq afloat

In fact he favors chaos so

He can make Bush the goat


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