The Stranger In The House

Western Europe has invited hundreds of thousands of Muslim strangers into their house, and are now finding the strangers believe the house belongs to them. And viewing with satisfaction the Muslim murders of innocent civilians in Paris, President Barack Hussein Obama is intent on inviting into the United States several hundred thousand Muslim strangers, who will no doubt view their American hosts, as they view their European hosts, as beasts to be slaughtered.

Beware of strangers you invite
Into your home to dine
On steaks and chops and every bite
Washed down with good red wine
These strangers from another land
Another way of life
These strangers who would kiss your hand
And still conceal the knife
These strangers you have taken in
Grow stronger every day
And soon you are forsaken in
Your land where forebears lay
For now you find your stranger guest
Has one thing that he craves
And that is to fulfill his quest
To dance upon your graves

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