On The Sunni Side Of The Street

There is a civil war raging in Afghanistan and Pakistan between rival Muslim factions. Sunni Al Qaeda and the Taliban are fighting the Shi’ites for supremacy within Islam, with the United States in the middle, trying to quash the conflict. The US has succeeded in driving Al Qaeda from Iraq, with the result that the Middle East is now a backwater in the war radical Islam is waging against the West, but has had less success in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are waging successful terror war against the Pakistani government by bombing schools and killing little girls, believing, as they do, that Allah has demanded that girls not be educated. If Al Qaeda and the Taliban succeed in toppling the Pakistani government, and if the Obama administration pulls out of Afghanistan, as it is being screamingly urged to do by the radical left base of the Democratic party, then the Taliban and Al Qaeda will control not only the Pakistani nukes, but the trained scientists of south-east Asia, something the moribund and ignorant Arabs could never supply the Jihad. If and when that happens we will be in for a whole lot of hurt. Afghanistan is important. Lose Afghanistan and you lose Pakistan. Lose them both and you might lose India. George W. Bush was right: Afghanistan was a war we must win. Unfortunately, the United States has as president a man who not so long ago said that victory was not an option.



The MSM will never say

George Bush was right in any way

Iraq was the right war at the right time

No they continue to exclaim

That patriotism is the flame

That makes them scream resisting is a crime

The Taliban makes war on girls

They hate them ‘cause their gorgeous curls

Are prettier than ones the menfolk wear

They also think that girls and schools

Will show them up as silly fools

So bombing girls and schools is price they bear

For keeping Allah’s flame alive

In every Pashtun hut and dive

In hopes of gaining power most complete

Over the West and Shi’ites too

So all belongs to Allah’s few

With dhimmis on the Sunni side of the street

Obama knows that he’s first class

That his reflection in the glass

Will cause the world to smile and have a coke

But if he caves in far Afghan

Then you can bet that to a man

The world will treat the US as a joke

And then one day and fairly soon

The nukes will fly and then the moon

And earth will look a lot alike for sure

The craters fill, the eons pause

God shakes his head in grief because

The creatures in his image are no more