A Hallowe’en Baby

October 31st, Hallowe’en, is an important day in my life, for on that day many years ago I entered this unforgiving world not expecting much, and received more than I had hoped for or deserved. My time on this planet has been put to good use, raising a wonderful family and a trio of handsome, smart and beautiful grandchildren. Life, as they say, is good.



We think of goblins, ghosts and such

On October day the last

But I don’t think of them so much

‘Cause years go by so fast

You see ‘twas on the 31st

That I came on the scene

With naught to eat and raging thirst

Not knowing where I’d been

I did recall a soft warm place

Quite dark but comfy too

I seemed to feel upon my face

A wetness but who knew

And then a spasm pushed me down

Headfirst I slid the way

Emerging then I think downtown

In middle of the day

Rough hands then held me by the heels

And smacked me on the butt

I gasped for air, how good it feels

To know I’d made the cut

And then they put me next to mom

She hugged and kissed me then

As I relaxed and grew quite calm

I realized some men

With stethoscopes were eyeing me

As I groped for a teat

I didn’t like their prying, see

So I refused to eat

So that was my first Hallowe’en

In all it went quite well

Succeeding days were not so keen

Sometimes were bloody hell

But I survived as most folks do

And grew up in my time

And found that I was of the few

Who found that life’s a rhyme