The Supreme Court

Everyone knows the presidential election of 2016 will set the political course of the United State for the next three generations. A Republican victory is said to be critical to ensure a continuation of the country as a constitutional republic. Yet history tells us the Republicans, even when they hold the White House and the Senate rarely seat a conservative justice on the Supreme Court, while the Democrats, in similar case, always seat a progressive liberal on the court. To answer why this is, we must recognize that Republican senators always vote to confirm the progressive liberal Democrat by saying the president has the right to nominate and have confirmed whomever he wants, while Democrat senators never vote to confirm  the conservative constitutionalist, saying he is out of the mainstream and attacking him in the press so viciously that the Republican president ultimately yields and nominates someone who is not only amenable to progressive liberal views but embraces the progressive liberal agenda. So maybe the election of Donald Trump will have no bearing on the seating arrangements on the Supreme Court.

Republicans in Senate full arrayed
Determined that this time they’ll not be played
Hold hands and swear that they will all hold firm
And vote to seat a Justice with life term
Who promises to rule within the book
The Constitution never once forsook
Who promises opinions set in rhymes
While never seeking praise from New York Times
They swear their nominee will see the light
And never vote the Left but always Right
And with huzzahs they seat him on the bench
Next to the smiling, handsome Lefty wench
Who bats her eyes that promise sweet amour
And pretty soon he’s voting five to four
To sell his soul for Leftist songs of praise
And swears he’s been a Lefty all his days

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