The tachyon is faster than light, and therefore capable of passing through a black hole, and what is more important, returning across the event horizon. I spoke to a just returned tachyon recently, asking what he found on the other side of a black hole, and he said, “Turtles.” I looked at him blankly, and he explained, “Turtles all the way down.”

And so it was the truth be known
The universe was once more shown
To be composed of turtles at its core
And most of us, it is believed
Are comforted and much relieved
To know we’re on firm ground and what is more
That underlying all the fuss
About the science all of us
Had learned about the universe in school
That stars and galaxies were bound
By gravity to spin around
It turns out it is turtles in a pool
Of rubies radiating light
That held the spinning stars so tight
And generated energy that spun
The turtles in their manic dance
Upon the rubied pools that chance
Had placed beneath each black hole with its sun
And thus it is we have today
A universe where children play
Amid destruction, killings and the lot
Where madmen now have atom bombs
And women choose to not be moms
Because they know that death soon marks the spot
Meanwhile deep in their ruby pool
The turtles seem to keep their cool
For they have seen it all take place before
For crises come and crises go
And then they’re gone before you know
The turtles know beforehand what’s in store

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