The Sweet Goodbye

As Britain exits the EU, the European Union sighs for its lost love, and sings softly to itself of the sad parting, but mindful too, that life goes on, comforting itself in the thought that mindless progressivism will triumph in the end. In its wounded sorrow it sings

I think of the love that we made
Think of the kisses that fade
All the sweet moments I’d trade
To be still with you
Remember the warm starry nights
The silly unreasoning fights
The passions that rose to the heights
When I was with you
Our love was unending it seemed
We loved and we laughed and we dreamed
Together our love is redeemed
Through love that is true
I’ll miss those sweet kisses you gave
Your sweet tender touches I crave
I’ll cry but I’ll try to be brave
Though you say we’re through
Remember the love that we made
Remember sweet kisses don’t fade
Remember the promises paid
When we said I do

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