Just when you thought history had come to an end comes the tumultuous upheaval of Britain leaving the European Union. We have not seen the like since Agincourt. I grieve for Englishmen yet unborn, who will not see again such a day as this. The beginning of the end of the Marxist/Leftist model of governance that has done to the once indomitable spirit of the West what the Huns, the Saracens and the Persians could not do; they have reduced the West to trembling ladyboys, who flinch in the face of adversity. British nationalism, born at Agincourt and midwifed by stout yeomen and stout yew longbows, has risen from the dead hand of Marxist Brussels.

The Midlands felt the deadly lash
Of EU bureaucrat decrees
That set their jobs in jeopardy
As goods poured in from overseas
The working man in England saw
His life and neighborhood go down
As Calais trains brought Arab mobs
To rape and bleed the British Crown
They saw the open borders crowd
Tell Britons they must kiss the ring
Of Brussels with its foreign law
That Charter Oak meant not a thing
They rose this day, the yeomen did
And showed the EU toffs the door
Declaring Britons shall be free
Just as they did at Agincourt

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