The Thinnest Of Reids

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat, Nevada, has raised the hate decibel to new levels in the Senate, calling Republicans the vilest names possible, and so hate-filled has the Democrat rhetoric become that it approaches the level of hatred not felt since just before the Civil War, when a Democrat Senator beat a Republican Senator senseless with his cane. We have come to that. The problem is the Dems believe only they have the truth and the way, and now that they have the power as well they are determined to keep it, at whatever cost to the country. And to keep the power safely in their hands they are depending on Senator Harry Reid to hold the Republican challenge at bay. We shall see if this particular Reid may be broken.

Big Government has many needs
To which the GOP accedes
That can’t be bought with colored beads
Constituents to feed
The Dems think only their good deeds
Are proof against encroaching weeds
And so continue what succeeds
That is their holy creed
But no one knows where progress leads
When hard times comes one eats the seeds
The danger signals no one heeds
It’s all just fraud and greed
A true blue Dem has heart that bleeds
And unaware the rot this breeds
All hanging by the tinny screeds
Of the thinnest kind of Reid

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