The Time Machine

I came upon a time machine the other day when I pulled up some old linoleum from a kitchen floor and found some newspapers from September 1938. Or was it 1983? Hard to tell. Me eyes are going blinky on me. In any event, methinks we have been there before. Consider: The world was in turmoil in 1938. The Anschluss, in which the entry of German panzers into Vienna set the table for the invasion of Poland and France, and where, curiously enough, Vienna today is the entry point for young Muslim invaders pouring into Europe in general and into Germany in particular. Consider further that these military age invaders/refugees are accompanied by almost no women. What will happen when a million young male Muslim invaders feel lonely and realize the European women are fairly attractive? Does anyone else see bloodshed in the offing? Also in 1938 the Soviet show trials were destroying the professional officer ranks of the Red Army, leading to three million prisoners of war in the first three months of the German invasion in 1941, while today Obama has more or less under the radar destroyed the professional flag officer ranks of the American military, replacing them with sycophants like the Obama appointed Army Chief of Staff who said, amid worldwide crises, that the most serious threat to the United States was climate change. Fortunately, we haven’t been invaded yet. Oh, wait. For a moment there I thought those millions of illegal Mexicans crossing our southwestern border might have intentions of attacking the Alamo.

If only time flowed backward
And we all were young again
Reliving things forgotten or misplaced
Reliving all the good times
And the fun we had back then
While elsewhere roads were filled with the displaced
But time flows backward only once
And only when it’s dreamed
The pictures that we see are all the same
For times gone past are memories
Of things not as they seemed
And still the wrong guy always gets the blame
And so it is with Putin
And his svelte Obama bitch
Fast forward several years and watch the tape
You’ll see that time is not confused
And never drops a stitch
The last scene always ends with coal black crepe

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