Barack Obama has carried out his promise to fundamentally change the United States with competence and malice. Has he succeeded in placing Lady Liberty in her coffin? If he does succeed, will she be alive or dead?

She lay quiet in her coffin
The sharp smell of bronze and silk strong in the tiny space
Comfortable in her cramped surroundings
Marveling at the liquid sound of earthworms
Moving slowly past, talking quietly of earthly things
She listened, spellbound, to the cries of aroused insects
Making love to willing flowers
And the gentle rain caressing the cool, green grass
As the galaxies pinwheel through her vision
Retreating deep into the black velvet past
Time passed, whether slowly or swiftly she could not say
Season followed season, flowers and grass, rain and snow
And still she waited, content
For what she could not tell
There came at last a gentle rustling
As soft as drifting mist on hallowed ground
Bright flaring words of many hues
Flashed quickly by her
In answer to her question, was she alive or dead
The words filled all the space she felt surround her
Filling her small world with colored light
And told her that the universe cared not for her condition
For all was pure imagination
That nations rose and fell with every season
And whether she lived or died was up to her

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