The Twenty Percent

The country once believed in real life heroes who stormed machine gun nests and took them. But no more. Oh, the country still has heroes who will storm machine gun nests, but they are not revered among the Leftists now running the country, any more than working men and women are held in much esteem by our self-styled elite Lefty leaders. It is said that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. That was always true and always will be true. And we twenty percenters are still here, maybe not heroes, but machine gun nests come in many guises.

I’m proud to say my working life
Was spent among the twenty
Percent of those who built the USA
We built the towers, laid the rails
That gave a life of plenty
To everyone who lives here yet today
We built the ships and built the planes
That guaranteed the freedom
Of millions whom we never even met
We didn’t care who they might be
Be tweedle-dee or dee-dum
And never thought to put them in our debt
But we’re still here and going strong
Though not among our leaders
Who seem to think that they’re the world’s elite
But you and I, we know full well
That they’re just bottom feeders
Without us working stiffs they’ve naught to eat
We need to understand that heroes
Are alive and kicking
Machine guns still are there and oiled and primed
We’ll take that nest again and smile
And come out safe and ticking
For everything is measured, weighed and timed
This too shall pass, the gauntlet run
So goes the ancient saying
Incompetents and harridans alike
Will slink away, the White House cleansed
They hear the bloodhounds baying
And very soon the midnight chimes will strike


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