Thousands of unattended children from Central America are crossing our southern border and are being given asylum, food and medical treatment, joining the millions of Mexicans crossing our border unimpeded. Hundreds of thousands of North African Muslim boat people are coming ashore in Italy. Western civilization is imploding before our astonished eyes. The Third World is coming ashore, and uninvited at that. And if that weren’t bad enough, the Middle East is imploding, the Obama administration is imploding, and the economy is imploding. All the result of decades long Leftist rule, and one day soon that too will implode.

Once it’s put in motion
We see the very ocean
Deposit migrant people on our shores
The Western world is filling
With people who are willing
To leave their lives and embrace western lures
To them there are no borders
Defy policemen’s orders
They risk death just to find a place to stay
A place where they’re looked after
A place with children’s laughter
And best of all the taxpayers will pay
As well we now are learning
The Middle East is burning
As Sunnis fight the Shias to the knife
With casualties mounting
And bodies not worth counting
To be in Iraq now is worth your life
At home the raging scandals
Brought by Obama’s vandals
Have seen the VA and the IRS
Dispose of vets and disk drives
A world they know no risk thrives
And couldn’t care ‘bout public ire less
Our paper money’s worthless
The White House clearly mirthless
Although they laughed as freedom swiftly died
The tipping point is coming
And when it comes the humming
Will stop and tumbrels take them for a ride

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