The Tyranny Of The Left

An English ethics columnist recently declared on national television that any good mother would smother her child if the child were defective in any way, thus by such kindness and compassion ensuring that the child would not have an unhappy life. What she means, of course, is that the lefty mother would not have an unhappy life caring for an impaired child. With the Left it is never about the kids, it’s about themselves. Peter Singer at Princeton demands that parents have the right to kill their children for any reason, or for no reason at all if they can’t think of one, until the child is two years old. We are in the grip of a left wing tyranny of the spirit as well as a left wing tyranny of governance. The Left, who call themselves Progressives, desire above all else a world without people, a world where man cannot pollute and despoil that which belongs to the Goddess Gaia, the mother of us all.     



The Left, the Left

Their wonders never cease

Good mothers urged to kill their child

So they may be a peace

At Princeton parents have the right

So Peter Singer claims

To kill their children till age two

If so, why give them names

The Fabians would euthanize

Infirm and lonely folks

Progressives want abortion free

And tell dead fetus jokes

They want the world to be a place

Where humans don’t exist

And wolves hug bunny rabbits

And the warthogs all get kissed

To gain this Eden here on Earth

They look to long ago

Their heroes had the nicest names

Adolf and Uncle Joe



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