Riyadh To Islamabad

Aristotelian logic seems to escape our lefty ruling class. Logic says 1) muslims hate Christians in general and Americans in particular, and 2) Pakistanis are muslim, so 3) Pakistanis hate Christians in general and Americans in particular. Which they do. Anyone who thinks the Paki are on our side is delusional. They arm and train al Qaeda and Taliban to kill our soldiers, the train jihadis to kill infidel civilians, they close the roads used by our supply columns in Afghanistan. They hate our guts because we’re not them. They hate our guts ‘cause we’re not Moslem. They smile and take our money and betray us at every turn. We are the infidel, and Allah has commanded that we die.



They take our money then they spit

They know the West has spit the bit

They do believe we will not fight

They think we’re frightened of the night

They’re waiting for that just right time

To turn against us on a dime

That time will come they do believe

When Iran strikes and we receive

A fireball in daytime skies

That puts the fear in all our eyes

The problem is the Pakis breed

A bunch of kids who cannot read

So they don’t know it’s tried before

And do not know the final score

Oh yes they think us soft and weak

They think it’s peace we always seek

But come the day the missiles fly

Will be the day their bodies fry

As heat much fiercer than the sun

Will teach them it is we who’ve won

When children cry and women weep

When nightmares ride their very sleep

When Mecca’s bleaching in the sand

When Islam’s dead and by our hand

And death destruction will be had

From Riyadh to Islamabad



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