The Union Forever

What was once a necessity has become a gigantic locust. Where once little girls toiled for starvation wages making artificial flowers, now the overweight and overpaid Government Employee union workers spend artificial hours doing artificial work. But government unions are part of government, and if the government is turned out then so can the government unions be turned out. Needless to say neither of the current political parties is prepared to pare the bloat or rock the boat, though for differing reasons. Eventually, as the country drifts further and further left, everyone will be a government employee, and everyone will belong to a government union, even the little girls toiling for starvation wages making artificial flowers.

Well before you take communion
Just be sure the priest is union
For you know there will be watchers in the pews
While the logger and the blogger
Spend their days in playing Frogger
No one gives a damn so long’s they pays their dues
When your spouse, be wife or hubby
Grows a tiny bit too chubby
Union fat police come calling at your door
And your union boss is hounded
By his boss as desks are pounded
And you’re forced to weigh in where you were before
Yes your union it will rule you
They will take great pains to fool you
Into thinking that they have your back as well
But they much enjoy the power
They have o’er you every hour
And your life if they so choose can be a hell
There is no place you can hide in
They will take you for a ride in
A big union van with Teamsters at the wheel
We’re all union Federales
Every day we go to rallies
Then we go to work to see what we can steal

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