As Ye Sow

The Federal Government is now monstrously immense, capable of moving entire groups of people in any direction they wish. And they have, out of misplaced compassion and fairness for the perceived underdog, persuaded an entire group of people that they were oppressed and ground under the heels of the white majority, to the extent that many within that group believe they have the right to loot and riot with impunity whenever they feel aggrieved. Lyndon Johnson planted the seeds with the 1960s Great Society, and we have reaped what has been sown. And in that reaping we have torn down the very fabric of our once vibrant, free, inclusive and productive society.

How did we come to this
That white folks cannot walk
In safety on our inner city streets
And why do looters think
My stuff belongs to them
Despite them given all those shiny treats
The 60s riots showed
That no one would be stopped
From looting and then burning down the town
A city blackout now
And instant mobs appear
With liquor stores the first be taken down
There may have been a time
When forceful measures might
Have shown that working hard to get your share
Was better than the dole
Or looting and the torch
But they’re oppressed and we’re just being fair

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