The Very Bankable Senator Dodd

Senator Chris Dodd, (D CT and Ireland), proudly waved the 2000 page Obamnibus Finance Bill and declared “We won’t know what’s in until it’s passed.” Just like the 2,000 page Health Care monstrosity. The Dems are inordinately proud of producing massive bills that no one reads and understands less, and forcing them through despite massive opposition from the public, knowing they have but a small window till November to pass the Obama agenda of destroying the very fabric of American culture and economy, all in accordance with his vision of turning the United States into just another failed socialist state. The big banks are delighted with the Democrats’ handiwork, for the taxpayers, if the bill becomes law, will be on the hook for any large losses the big banks have, since the bill is essentially a bail-out bill for Wall Street. The Dems did not, of course, touch in any way the corrupt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two culprits responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown. No, Fannie and Freddie are safe, Wall Street is safe, the government employee service union employees are safe, but are we? Is the country? Stay tuned.



My mother’s a Rothschild and I’m here to say

That thanks to the Congress and Dems

There’s now piles of money with which I can play

And keep wife in gold and in gems

I own lots of banks and I love this new law

It quiets the mob in the streets

They think it is tough but that’s not what I saw

I’ve read it and it’s full of sweets

Sweets for the bankers and leveragers and such

We carry on much as before

With all of the stuff that once got us in dutch

But Congress now put in a floor

So nothing can harm us if we make mistake

And think it’s a bull not a bear

We lose not a cent for the Congress doth spake

We merrily dance without care

Yes Christopher Dodd is a hero to us

We’re now on the Fed gravy train

My only concern is once under the bus

What happens when it starts to rain



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