Tomorrow Belong Me

It is emerging that Al Franken won his Senate seat with illegal votes, something all of us knew from the start. There is no surprise here. The policy of the Democratic party is to flood the voting rolls with illegal and fraudulent voters to go along with their base of blacks, homosexuals, feminists and assorted other people with a hankering to grab onto the Federal teat, thereby establishing a permanent progressive/liberal tyranny. Not so very long ago a grinning Democrat said to an interviewer, “Today still belong you, but tomorrow belong me.”



Today still belong you

Tomorrow belong me

We own this country now

From sea to shining sea

You owe me for the work

My grampa did for you

You owe me for the life

Of pain you put me through

My vote will put in place

Good people who will care

For people just like me

Who only want their share

We do not ask for much

We only want what’s due

Tomorrow belong me

Today still belong you



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