The View From Across The Pond

Liberal British pundits at the Guardian and London Dail Mail newspapers are declaring that America is becoming ungovernable because of Republican obstreperousness. How dare they try to block Obamacare, how dare they oppose what the Lightworker is trying to do to the country? Daily Mail Editor Max Hastings writes that the breakdown is because Republican politicians have forgotten that America has traditionally been ruled by whoever outpolls the other. I have read all of Max Hastings’ military history, and highly recommend them, but I don’t think he is an authority on the American political system that was deliberately designed to produce friction, if not gridlock, the better to control the political class. That the gridlock has reached the point where the two parties are now scorpions in the proverbial bottle is a temporary phenomenon, to be resolved by the voters electing one of the scorpions to ultimate power.

The Daily Mail
Has without fail
Been in the Lefty corner
Wins by the Right
Election night
Makes them a sobbing mourner
Believe me, Max
The spend and tax
Blue Model is a’waning
And very soon
The crying Loon
Announces it is raining
So just for now
Just take a bow
Your latest on the Great War
Is simply great
But let me state
Your punditry’s a great bore

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