The View From The Rio Grande

People are wondering how the presidential election will turn out, wondering how the Hispanics will vote, and wondering if the Dems will bus massive numbers of illegal alien non-citizens to the polls like they always do. I spoke to an illegal alien just arrived from Mexico the other day and asked how he was going to vote and he said it was always well to rely on how other undocumented illegal alien non-citizens were voting.

He said he likes the stronger horse
Just like in Mexico
An open question though of course
Depending on the show
He thought the Donald spiteful, mean
Though otherwise all right
The choices though must all be seen
To quite enjoy the fight
He heard of Jeb who married well
A Latin girl he heard
But Rubio he could not tell
He’s Cuban is the word
Now Walker seemingly enjoys
A tussle now and then
And so I’d say of those four boys
They’re good but I like Ben
He paused and looked me in the eye
And said in muted voice
You fellows really really try
And think you have a choice
It matters not on whom you dote
The vote’s already in
In Mexico I cast my vote
For Hillary to win

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