Venezuela, Si!

Venezuela, one of the ten most oil rich countries in the world, is about to implode. The disastrous Socialist and virulent anti-American policies imposed by Hugo Chavez and continued by President Maduro has resulted in hyper-inflation, hyper-unemployment, starvation and bankruptcy. Venezuela’s currency, the Bolivar, is now worth next to nothing, and growing more worthless by the hour. The United States, the country Chavez and Maduro both have called the Devil that must be destroyed, will be expected to come to the rescue. Secretary of State John Kerry reveals the Administration plan to save another America-hating Marxist dictator.

The Sec of State, with lordly brow
Set in a frozen frown
Said help is needed and right now
We cannot let him down
Maduro has the right approach
His people know he cares
He lives a life beyond reproach
He does what’s right, he dares
And so this crisis must be solved
Before it goes too far
And so our plan, as it’s evolved
Is save the Bolivar
The President has set the tone
The Treasury will print
Ten dollar bills that we shall loan
To Venezuela’s mint
Inflation makes each of those tens
A million dollar bill
If needed we will send some Bens
Each ATM to fill
The kicker is Maduro’s smile
Will grace each of the notes
And so we go the extra mile
To see he gets the votes

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