The Wheel Of History

The wheel of History turns, sometimes as poetry, sometimes as farce, but always as irony. We once defended Greece from the Germans, and now, in light of the imminent Greek government debt crisis in which Greece is about to default on its massive loans to European banks, we are begging the Germans to come to the rescue. In 1941 Churchill sent sorely needed divisions from North Africa to Greece to keep the Germans out, and was sharply rebuffed for his pains when the Fallschirmjaegeren gave the New Zealanders a bloody nose in Crete. And here we are, seventy years later, begging the Germans to take it once more.



Failing countries cheek by jowl

Crying for the savior now

In Valhalla Hitler smirks

See, he smiles, my way it works

Stalin puffs his meerschaum pipe

Smiles and says that Greece is ripe

For a taste of Stalin rule

And Churchill says don’t be a fool

It’s socialism that’s at fault

Where once was money in the vault

There’s nothing now but IOUs

In moments now they’ll light the fuse

And Europe will then be no more

And God the Maestro fold his score

And bravely said, FDR cried

For Greece is now the German bride

How odd it is that we once fought

To free what once the Germans thought

Was theirs to own, do what they will

And here they are, they have it still


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